Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Date " Short story/sketch"

It was a cold morning in September, when she woke up with full energy. She was smiling, and singing. She jumped off her bed to take a shower and get ready for the day. Today wasn’t a normal day for her. Today wasn’t like any other day. Today was her first date.

She met him randomly on the street. They exchanged smiles and looks, which lead them to exchange phone numbers. They text messaged each other and enjoyed many nights of talking over the phone. Phone calls were not enough, therefore; he decided to invite her for lunch. “It is going to be our first date; even though I hate to say the word date!” He messaged her. “It is going to be our first meeting. I am a romantic guy and you will be happy with me!” That was his second message.

“Oh, I am so happy!” She told herself as she was getting dressed. Her curly black hair was covering her forehead and part of her left eye. Her black jeans and her floral sleeveless shirt made her look like a model that you may see on fashion magazines’ covers. After getting dressed, she thought of messaging him, but she thought it may be rude to tell him that she is ready for the first date, so she kept the excitement for herself. “He maybe …” Inside her mind, she thought “He will bring me some favorite flowers.”

She ran out of the train station, rushing to her destination. It supposed to be nine minutes walk, however; she made them three only. Because of her happiness, she was jumping on the street. She was smiling to everybody. The beggar in the street, the souvenir seller, and the man who wanted to flirt with her, they all had the blessing of her smile. Finally, she reached the restaurant.

She stood by the door while giving herself a hug. She was watching the people randomly passing by her. Some of them looked at her with a smile. Others gave her a serious look, and some appreciated her beauty with a shiny look. There, she was standing like a flower in the breeze; waiting for the water to reach her roots.

Twelve noon, five passed twelve, ten passed twelve and fifteen passed twelve; the water didn’t reach her roots yet. She looked inside the restaurant; “maybe he is inside!” she thought. “Oh, maybe he is parking his car somewhere. Downtown is such a busy place!” Another thought. Her eyes looked for him between the cars. They were like two kids chasing each other carelessly on the street. They ran around the block and among the people on the street. They pushed every man and looked at him; hoping to find him. They returned to her with empty hands.

Finally, she decided to pick up the phone and text message him. “Are you coming?” she asked with wonder. Thirty second later, a reply came, “Sorry! I totally forgot! I am busy with work!” She looked up at the cloudy sky. Then she moved her gaze to the restaurant’s door. She smiled and she walked away.

Mixed feelings! She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She wasn’t sure if she should keep her smile on her face or she should bury her face in the sidewalk; right there, where people are stepping and leaving. She asked herself, “Am I sad?” She walked along the narrow sidewalk, going to the unknown. “I believe I am embarrassed!” she answered! She bought herself a coffee from the nearest cafĂ©. She sat outside and pulled a cigarette. She kept watching the smoke fly away. It reminded her of an occurrence where happiness was giant, and slowly started to fade; just like this smoke. It was slowly leaving her mouth and getting lost in the air.

A couple passed by her side. They were holding hands and walking with energy. She looked at those fingers. They were tight against each other; a perfect representation of closeness and attachment. She wished if she finds the same hand holding hers. She yearned for those fingers against hers. “How beautiful is to be in love!” She thought with sorrow. At the other corner, those young couple were sitting having pizza. They probably bought it from the slice for a dollar place. It was a cheap lunch but expensive moment. Those eyes were smiling to each other with every bite. This love between the two may not be found at a five stars French restaurant. “People run after money, forgetting that true feelings will make them richer at heart.” She thought to herself. “To have a smile from a person, who loves me for real, equals million dollars.” She continued. “I never seek for money. I have been always seeking love!”

Suddenly, she woke up from her thoughts, when the ashes of her cigarette fell on her black jeans. She pushed the ashes away in a tapping motion. She lifted her head up to look at the chair in front of her. The chair was empty. Oh, she was alone!


  1. Bravo on your writing, Zee!
    I so enjoyed this short story!

    Keep on writing & I shall keep on reading!


  2. Thanks Margie...I love your comment.

  3. hiya, thanks for your visit. you DO tell a good story. i'll be back...

  4. This is sad, very sad. I hate to be let down. Why is it we women are so often let down?
    these men these men
    Thanks for this beautiful narrative: you are a writer, an artist. I love your work sweetie :)

  5. Thanks shadow for passing by..and you are more than welcome to come back! I would love to see you here!

  6. Dulce, Thanks for the sympathy! If wish if men could understand what kind of pain they cause when they act silly! As always, I love your comments...keep visiting please!

    P.S Thank you for your sweet words.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. Your writing is wistful - I like it.


  8. Well Well I've arrived.. I like the way you tell your story. I think also that Autumn is my favourite month, so colourful, and the smell of leaves after the rain. I shall return.

  9. Scarface "Roy"...Thanks for visiting, and I would love to see you more often here!

    Indigo...Thank you for posting this wonderful comment and yes, autumn is a good season...and very romantic as well!

  10. Thanks...and Please come again!

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  14. Thanks Ubuntusl for your nice comment and thanks for the offer..I'll check it out!

  15. That's a great story ... very well written ... the way you described the excitement and then the disappointment of the girl made it look very real. Good one! :)