Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Your Temple... "Free Verse"

In every temple...
There is a God
Today, I was the only Goddess
In your temple...
So, Love me
Worship me
How much I need to be worshiped
Kiss me ...
Hug me...
Make "I love you" your daily prayer
Let your heart hum a hymn
A hymn of promise
I am your only Goddess
Do not convert!
and break my sculpture
Promise me...
You will not turn me into little pieces
because without you
I was pieces
And with you...
I am complete
Please, keep me
In your temple
A Goddess forever
And I will bless you
with the eternal love
My love
I love you forever...


  1. Hey! I'm so GLAD you are back!... So it seems I had to call for you!! This makes me happy and so does this really awesome poem and pic... oooooh this is so sensual dear Zee. Yes, it's all about us goddesses these days.
    Thanks for coming back at least in a while... and hope you get well and recover soon.
    Sweet Hugs}}}

  2. oh wow, what a wonderful feeling you have left me with...

  3. Hello Zee
    It was so nice having a visit from you again at my blog ... thanks for the kind comment.
    Now you take good care of yourself ...sorry to know you have not been well.

    Oh, I loved the poem!
    It's quite wonderful!


  4. Thank you everybody for their wonderul words...

    Dulce, I had to answer your call :)

    Shadow, I am glad to hear that :)

    Margie, Thanks for coming in and leaving these wonderful words :)

  5. Did you see? Congrats! you have an award for you at my side bar!!!

  6. Hello, Goddess, now THIS is a poem of love, of need, of giving, taking, truth:
    "....without you
    I was pieces
    And with you...
    I am complete..."


  7. Dear Zee,

    That Was a Wonderful Post which has the Sheens of "True Love".....The Poem Defines Your Mind.....Just Felt It....

    Take Care.. ;-)

  8. A grand passion...a grand love...a grand poem I feel.

  9. Steve E, Thoughtful delights and Susie, Thank you so much for passing by and I am looking forward to see more comments on my work. I just loved your comments..please come again!


    Thank you so much my love :)