Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Man "Sonnet"

It felt like a love story
When we first have met
The only word we said was sorry
and nothing had happened yet!

And it was only a while
When I saw your blue eyes following me
You had a wonderful gentle smile
and I wondered who could this man be

With a mannish voice, you said hi!
I could see the interest in your eyes
beautiful moment happened between you and I
Like a summer rose, my heart got butterflies!

Ooops, I believe It is Love!
This man is holding me above!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eye Contact "Free Verse"

Who needs words?
We had the best word in the world
We had an eye contact

Do we need a Language?
We had a common language
We had an eye contact

Eye Contact...
Our eyes huged
Laughed with each other
Kissed with love
Like a baby and a mother...
Don't tell me this is stupidity
We had the best moment in this world
We had an eye contact

We don't know each other
We haven't seen one another
But, when an eye meets an eye...
A feeling...
Makes your heart fly
Don't tell me this is a lie
It is the eye contact!

The moments last only few seconds
We left each other without
A second look
Keeping the eye contact
Like a flower in a book
will last forever
between the pages of my life
No, Don't tell me it's just a look
It's the eye contact

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Love Without Barriers "Free Verse"

Break the Fence...
Since when love knows barriers?
Open the door...
Let the feelings in your heart speak to me
I know you do
and I do love you too...
So, why these barriers?
Don't tell me the people arounds us
With jealousy surrounding us...
We do not want to risk...
Oh, let us risk...
Since when love knows barriers?
Oh, let us do...
Say I love you too
behind the broken barriers...
I don't care who is around
As long as we found
Love without barriers
So, speak to me
Tell me...
How much you love me...
Yes, I do ...
I love you too
Oh, How pretty...
Love without barriers