Monday, October 26, 2009

Forever "Free Verse"

A promise has been made
With true feelings
Will stay together
with all meanings
I said goodbye
but not forever
I still have the hope
flowing like a river
You will be back
Here for me...
You will be back
Yes, you promised me
regardless of the goodbye
regardless of the travel
You will be back for me
Will stay together
Because I love you so much
I love you forever...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Your Temple... "Free Verse"

In every temple...
There is a God
Today, I was the only Goddess
In your temple...
So, Love me
Worship me
How much I need to be worshiped
Kiss me ...
Hug me...
Make "I love you" your daily prayer
Let your heart hum a hymn
A hymn of promise
I am your only Goddess
Do not convert!
and break my sculpture
Promise me...
You will not turn me into little pieces
because without you
I was pieces
And with you...
I am complete
Please, keep me
In your temple
A Goddess forever
And I will bless you
with the eternal love
My love
I love you forever...