Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet Moments

Unfotunatly, sweet moments are short. They are as short as a dream. You live them, enjoy them and suddenly, you wake up to reality. Back to the old routine. Back to same faces you used to see and this face you saw in your sweet moment has gone. All you do now is to remember. Remember how sweet this moment was and how your heart was taken away. 
All what is left is tears of the yearn and  you wish if the moment was longer. You wish if the smile would have stayed longer. You wish if his eyes were looking at you for a longer time. You wish if the admiration of your eyes was wish if the whole moment was longer, but it is just a sweet moment; it doesn't last long.
  Tell me how could You survive after this sweet moment has gone? Will the faces be the same? Will the words be the same? Will the songs be the same?
You don't think so because the streets are grey. The buildings are dark and the whole world is under complete silence. Eventhough, the streets are full  of cars and noises are all around you. 
It's empty...nothing after your sweet moment is the same and here you are. Wishing for the sudden short love of your life to be back one day and for a longer moment. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At Seymour St! "Short Story/Sketch"

I never complained about being Alone. Even when I was extremely sick and I couldn’t get off the chair. It was all good and life was beautiful; until one day, on Seymour Street, I changed my mind!

It became a ritual after I finish work, I have to head to the Starbucks on Seymour Street to have my coffee and enjoy my reading. Why there? I don’t know! Maybe my psychic mind knew this was going to happen.

One day, I was having my favorite Vanilla Latte and reading “Brida” a novel by Paulo Coelho. It was an interesting book that I couldn’t leave it; I was reading it with total attention. I was very pleased with the idea of your soul mate who got a point of light at his/her left shoulder which you are the only one who could see it. Simply, this is how you identify him/her.

I stopped for a second and I thought, “Is this true? Will I be able to identify my soul mate?” My thought was interrupted by the sound of the broken glass when a lady dropped a mug accidentally. “Oh, I am sorry!” The lady apologized. “Don’t worry about it!” The Barista answered. I turned around and followed that little conversation between the lady and the Barista. Then I turned back, I faced the most bizarre moment in my life.

He was dark and handsome. He was sitting on the table in front of me and the window behind him made the sun shine on his left shoulder. As if it was the point of light which the novel talked about. I stared at him with no shyness. I don’t know if I was looking at his peaceful face or at this point of light on his left shoulder. I thought to myself “Is he my soul mate or it is just a coincidence?”

The man noticed me and he stared back at me. He smiled and said “It is a good book!” I replied, “This is true!” He stood up and carried his laptop case while saying, “Enjoy your day!” “You too!” I answered in a low voice. He left Starbucks without turning back

After this incident, I started to spend longer time at Starbucks on Seymour Street. Maybe, I will see him one day. I don’t know why I still believe he is my soul mate. I also don’t know why I am waiting for him everyday at the same place. Maybe, my psychic mind knows that I will meet him. Maybe he is my soul mate!

P.S…This short story is totally imaginary and the only true things are Brida and Starbucks on Seymour Street.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I want to be Free "Free Verse"

Leave me...
I want to be free!
From Every Love
From Every Emotion
I want to be me
Without your illusion
and the speech of your confusion
Leave me...
I just want to be!
I am not your fool anymore
I am not your silly girl...No more!
Without your love
Without your lies
I know who is me
So, let me go
I want to be free!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

THANK YOU! "Free Verse"

Thank you...
For sending me dozen of roses
Thank you...
For picking up the phone
Saying I love you!
Thank you...
For the romantic words
Thank you...
For making me proud of your love
Thank you...
For crossing miles
Just to kiss my lips
Thank you...
For every moment of love
Thank you...
For making me dream...of all of the above!
While I am waiting for half a word
That may satisfies
My needs
Thank you!

P.S How odd eh??

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Control Me!

It's crazy how I feel
Toward you
In every moment
Of your love...
It's amazing how I became
because of you
And your love
Controls me
Every nerve of me
Every part of me
All over me
You control me
If I smile...
It is because you made me smile
If I cry...
It is because you made me cry
You draw the happiness in my life
And wipe off the sadness of my heart
You control me
Every part of me
So, please....
Don't leave me
Like an untique puppet on the shelf
Dusty, gloomy, and unwanted
Control me
And make me smile
Control me
And don't make me cry
For you...
because I love you
Bring the soul to my dead body
And make me smile
Because I love you
I love you...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Everything To me...A love letter "Free Verse"

Excuse me everybody!
Actually, I do not need to be excused!
He is everybody
and I do not care about the rest of the world
I am writing him a love letter
and I mean every single word
My baby... I'll write after the greetings
Do you know what you mean to me?
Do you really know?
I'll say it in front of everybody
I'll slam the door and go
You mean earth to me
You mean heaven to me
My life and eternity
My purity and chastity
My wishs and my prayers
My warmth and my flares
My joy and laughter
My before and after
You mean everything...everything to me!
because you are my identity
I say it with dignity
I'll keep my Loyality
until you come back to me
You mean everything to me
Turly yours,
Your Zee

Monday, October 26, 2009

Forever "Free Verse"

A promise has been made
With true feelings
Will stay together
with all meanings
I said goodbye
but not forever
I still have the hope
flowing like a river
You will be back
Here for me...
You will be back
Yes, you promised me
regardless of the goodbye
regardless of the travel
You will be back for me
Will stay together
Because I love you so much
I love you forever...