Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eye Contact "Free Verse"

Who needs words?
We had the best word in the world
We had an eye contact

Do we need a Language?
We had a common language
We had an eye contact

Eye Contact...
Our eyes huged
Laughed with each other
Kissed with love
Like a baby and a mother...
Don't tell me this is stupidity
We had the best moment in this world
We had an eye contact

We don't know each other
We haven't seen one another
But, when an eye meets an eye...
A feeling...
Makes your heart fly
Don't tell me this is a lie
It is the eye contact!

The moments last only few seconds
We left each other without
A second look
Keeping the eye contact
Like a flower in a book
will last forever
between the pages of my life
No, Don't tell me it's just a look
It's the eye contact


  1. Dear Zee,
    I love it
    i love it!
    Yes, I also strongly believe in that special moment when there is eye contanct and the whole world freezes in a second: a whole love story takes place...
    Keep writing

  2. Thanks Dulce, your comments are always like a booster to me...I always look for those little details in a love story.. They are like a key to a new world...How many love story started with an eye contact? Thanks again...

  3. waiting eagerly for the next post.

  4. Thanks thoughts...Will do soon!

  5. Thank you for the comment and I would like to see your comments on my future posts...Thanks again.