Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flying High! "Free Verse"

I'll be waiting
Every morning
Every evening
On the same bench
Right where you left me
I'll be watching the airplanes

You are on one of them
Coming back to me
To tell me
What you didn't tell me
I'll watch them fly
I'll wave goodbye
remembering the moment
when you were flying high
Leaving me...
On the same bench
Right where you left me
I am still waiting
I am still hoping

You stopped flying high
You are coming back to me
down from the sky...
Earth now is heaven!
Stop flying high!
Come back to me
We just said Hi
Why you are leaving me?

I sat on the same bench again
Right where we were sitting
I am watching the airplanes
Hoping for your coming!
Stop flying high!
Say I am coming!


  1. I have enjoyed reading through your poetry and like it very much!
    Feel some longing and sadness in this poem....I remember when I was in my early twenties I wrote a poem somewhat similar to this one.

    Thank you for the follow, am now following you too.


  2. Desperation and sadness so beautifully depicted. I love the way you write (i think I've already told you before lots of times- but I insist)
    I think there is so much to be written when our beloved is not by...
    Keep writing
    (Been missing you lately)

  3. Welcome Margie, and I am glad to see your comment on my poetry work..This poem represents a special moment...A blink of love. A love story that started and ended in less than 20 minutes! However, the hope of this love may come back again is stored inside the mind!

    Welcome again to Autumn Leaves and I hope to see your comments on my future work!

  4. Dulce...Your comments are always have this flavour of joy...and I miss you too. Even though you may not see my comments in some of your work, but the high respect to your work and your talent is always there. Please, keep visiting!

  5. I found this poem both poignant and moving. Best wishes with your writing.

  6. very nice poetry my friend Zee.
    I really like your blog.
    I'm ubuntusl.

  7. Susie,

    Thanks for the visit and for the wonderful comment..Please keep visiting.

  8. Thanks Shawn for the visit....I love your comments!