Monday, November 9, 2009

Everything To me...A love letter "Free Verse"

Excuse me everybody!
Actually, I do not need to be excused!
He is everybody
and I do not care about the rest of the world
I am writing him a love letter
and I mean every single word
My baby... I'll write after the greetings
Do you know what you mean to me?
Do you really know?
I'll say it in front of everybody
I'll slam the door and go
You mean earth to me
You mean heaven to me
My life and eternity
My purity and chastity
My wishs and my prayers
My warmth and my flares
My joy and laughter
My before and after
You mean everything...everything to me!
because you are my identity
I say it with dignity
I'll keep my Loyality
until you come back to me
You mean everything to me
Turly yours,
Your Zee


  1. now that's desire for one single man, lucky guy!

  2. Yesssss. Lucky man, and if he is really worth it all--lucky Zee!

    Saw your comment on "Dulce", and just had to drop by. I notice you post several times a day (or is that per year? --grin!

    You write from your heart, and that is ALWAYS GooooD!

  3. Well done... I love your LOVE. Lucky the one you think of when you write this.
    thank you my friend for coming back,at times, for posting, for commenting
    Sweet Hugs

  4. Shadow,
    Thanks for your words and I am actually the lucky one to have him in my life...



    Thanks for passing by ..and I know my postings are few however; I promise that I'll be more active in writing... Happy to have you here!


    Thanks my dear friend and my apology for my little comments...As I told steve, I promise I'll be more active.

    Thank you all...Hugs!

  5. This is from you heart!
    So sweet!
    Loved it Zee!


  6. Hi zee I really like your love letter.
    And thanks for coming to my blog and commenting regularly!
    I'm very proud to be a friend of yours.
    I'm Shawn(ubuntusl)

  7. Thanks Margie for your wonderful Comment!

    Thanks Shawn for your comments and I am happy to have you as a friend as well.

    Thanks to all of You!

  8. lovely! and you both are lucky to have each other.

  9. Thank you Sarah and welcome to Autumn Leaves...


    Thanks Thoughts! Thank you for reading

  10. waiting for your next post...


  11. Thanks Trisha, and welcome to Autumn leaves...My next post is coming soon!