Sunday, November 22, 2009

Control Me!

It's crazy how I feel
Toward you
In every moment
Of your love...
It's amazing how I became
because of you
And your love
Controls me
Every nerve of me
Every part of me
All over me
You control me
If I smile...
It is because you made me smile
If I cry...
It is because you made me cry
You draw the happiness in my life
And wipe off the sadness of my heart
You control me
Every part of me
So, please....
Don't leave me
Like an untique puppet on the shelf
Dusty, gloomy, and unwanted
Control me
And make me smile
Control me
And don't make me cry
For you...
because I love you
Bring the soul to my dead body
And make me smile
Because I love you
I love you...


  1. this kinda love scares me a little bit...

  2. Definitely. As Shadow says it is scaring because you are but a doll in their hands. And that picture restates it so very well.
    Great poem. I love it girl!
    Happy you are back because I love reading you!

  3. shadow and Dulce,

    Thank you for these wonderful words, however; both of you had the sense of fear from this poem. Yes, I meant to discribe in this poem the ultimate madness of love. It is good to be mad in your love, however; it may lead to many consquences if you give it to the wrong person. Thank you both and I love your comments.

  4. This one came directly from the soul. Powerful words.


  5. its really touching and sad. only a fool will dishonour such a love.

  6. I like that it ends with love and in that there is hope.

    I like your blog.

    Tom Bailey

  7. Thanks AJ AND thoughts for these wonderful comments...

    Tom Bailey, Welcome to Autumn leaves and I am happy to hear you like my blog..

  8. I am here my dear! It is just work is taking me away I'll be back soon