Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet Moments

Unfotunatly, sweet moments are short. They are as short as a dream. You live them, enjoy them and suddenly, you wake up to reality. Back to the old routine. Back to same faces you used to see and this face you saw in your sweet moment has gone. All you do now is to remember. Remember how sweet this moment was and how your heart was taken away. 
All what is left is tears of the yearn and  you wish if the moment was longer. You wish if the smile would have stayed longer. You wish if his eyes were looking at you for a longer time. You wish if the admiration of your eyes was wish if the whole moment was longer, but it is just a sweet moment; it doesn't last long.
  Tell me how could You survive after this sweet moment has gone? Will the faces be the same? Will the words be the same? Will the songs be the same?
You don't think so because the streets are grey. The buildings are dark and the whole world is under complete silence. Eventhough, the streets are full  of cars and noises are all around you. 
It's empty...nothing after your sweet moment is the same and here you are. Wishing for the sudden short love of your life to be back one day and for a longer moment. 


  1. Wishing you "many sweet moments" in your life!
    Hope you are well & happy!

    Margie x