Friday, July 16, 2010

I want to be Free "Free Verse"

Leave me...
I want to be free!
From Every Love
From Every Emotion
I want to be me
Without your illusion
and the speech of your confusion
Leave me...
I just want to be!
I am not your fool anymore
I am not your silly girl...No more!
Without your love
Without your lies
I know who is me
So, let me go
I want to be free!


  1. Hey girl... What's up? this free verse tells me that passion is over? Or there was never such a passion but a dream of it? Or you are just trying to get rid of an old sin, pain, injury?

    Whatever it is it IS. And I love it
    and I love to see you BACK

    Hugs my dear friend

  2. Thanks my dear for this wonderful comment and Yeah! alot of things changed in my life!